Firm Overview

Representation Philosophy

Unlike many attorneys, I entered the legal profession after working for a number of years in an industrial setting instead of going straight through college and law school into law practice. This "real life" experience has been very helpful in the hundreds of cases I have handled since becoming a lawyer. I relate to my clients and their legal problems with a better understanding of what they are going through.

In talking with juries after trials, I confirmed that they clearly understood the arguments I made in each case. They felt like they had come to an informed and just verdict. Over ninety percent of my jury trials to date have resulted in a favorable outcome to my clients.

After working with law firms in California and New York I decided to become a sole practitioner for a number of reasons. I learned that multi-attorney firms are more concerned with billing the clients than solving client problems. Furthermore, clients in large firms are less likely to maintain the level of communication needed to properly administer their cases because they are charged for every second of time. I will not charge you for every two minute phone call or piece of paper I print out on your behalf. I make myself available to my clients because I know that legal problems can be very stressful and communication is the key to a successful outcome.

Case Handling Methods


If you are forced to protect or enforce your legal rights through the court system because another person, business or government entity has caused you monetary or personal harm, you are a potential plaintiff. If your legal problem involves one of my areas of practice, call me for a free case evaluation. You must file your claim or complaint within a certain period of time depending on what type of case it is or else the relevant statute of limitations will come into play and you will lose your right to sue.
I will help you formulate the best course of action going forward. You may just need a strongly worded demand letter. However, you must always be ready to back up any threat of litigation with action. That is where my trial and litigation experience comes in. I will focus on the key issues in your case, gather the appropriate evidence to back your claim and ultimately, if your reasonable demands are not met, present your case to a jury in the best possible light.


If you are the defendant in a lawsuit, you must respond to the plaintiff's complaint within a specified amount of time, usually 20 to 30 days after you are served. If you do not respond within the required timeframe, the plaintiff will take a default judgment against you. At that point you will either have to pay the plaintiff without the benefit of a defense or start digging yourself out of a legal pit.
You can avoid the default judgment by answering the plaintiff's complaint on time and establishing a sound defense. If you feel it is in your best interests to settle the case (maybe litigating will cost you more than paying the plaintiff), we will discuss the best settlement approaches for your situation. However, you usually cannot obtain a favorable resolution unless you are prepared to litigate. I can help you attempt to settle the case while preparing a strong defense in the event the case does not settle.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Not every case needs to be litigated. With careful and thoughtful preparation, some cases can be resolved informally through simple negotiation and/or mediation. In evaluating your case, we will discuss Alternative Dispute Resolution and if you approve, we will make an attempt to resolve your legal problem without litigation, or with as little legal wrangling as possible.

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